Super City Delivers Uncut Energy in Their New Single “getouttahere”


Exhilarating, engaging, and enthralling are just a few words to describe Super City‘s new single “getouttahere”.

From the jump, an uptempo drum machine beat sets the pace for an unrelenting lamentation on staring the inevitable end of a relationship in the face. Dry and straightforward guitars grind on top of a funky, defined bass line and keep this freight train of a song moving forward.

getouttahere does not rely solely on energy to convey its message keep the listener on the edge of their seat. Classic and sticky hooks are employed to grant this song massive repeatability, if not on speakers then in the listener’s head after hearing it. The tried and true stutter in the delivery of “G-g-g-get out of here” in the chorus is a perfectly percussive embellishment on an already jamming rhythmic ensemble.

All that said, the pièce de résistance of this track is undoubtedly the guitar solo in the middle. It’s rare in a contemporary rock track that you hear such a shining ode-to-shred. It elevates the track to a new level and puts the Super City stamp of authenticity right on it.

If you’re looking for a song to run to, drive really fast to, aggressively shave your face to, or do anything with a high level of fervor to, “getouttahere” is it. You’ve found it.

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