NOBRO Delivers a Pop-Punky Punch in the Face in New Single “Where My Girls At”


“Oh hell yes.”

Above are the first words that came to mind as soon I hit play on NOBRO‘s new single, “Where My Girls At“.

The song cracks in with a no intro, no frills, straight-to-business manner. Tried and true, forever infectious, “WOAH WOAH WOAHS” stand at the forefront while a blasting rock ensemble of guitars, bass, and drums fully fill the rest of the space. It’s almost as if one is transported directly to the mosh pit of a NOBRO show when they turn this song on.

The verses give you a break and tell you the story of girls finding purpose, saving up for musical instruments, getting on the road, literally selling the shirts off their back, and playing kick-ass rock music. For a song that could stand on its energy alone, the lyrics are pleasantly and captivatingly illustrative.

The hook reflects the title of the song and will absolutely become a sing-along smash at any live show. If you’re looking for a song to inspire you or a song to perspire to, “Where My Girls At” has you covered!

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