Apollo Rising Rides The Road to Reassurance in “Cherry Blossom”



Cherry Blossom” by Apollo Rising takes on a mellower tone, weaving a tapestry of sound with looping guitars and a sparse yet captivating instrumentation reminiscent of The Postal Service. The inclusion of drum breaks, vocoders, and the uplifting refrain of “It’ll be ok” infuses the track with an infectious, inspiring energy. The song’s ability to blend mellow vibes with a reassuring message creates a soothing yet empowering listening experience that resonates deeply. The vocals in this song are especially mesmerizing, as they lay melody and atmospherics over a dynamic instrumental.

The upcoming music video for “Cherry Blossom” draws inspiration from 80s film noir and set against the striking concrete backdrop of Montréal. The narrative follows Detective Alex Horne, portrayed by Apollo Rising’s own Danick Coutu, as he navigates a dystopian version of the city. The plot unfolds with intrigue and suspense as Detective Horne delves into the mystery spurred by a cryptic letter and a substantial sum of money. The climax of the video, where Detective Horne confronts a masked killer, adds a thrilling twist to the narrative, culminating in a surprising turn of events where “Mystery Girl” saves the day, adding an unexpected and exciting dimension to the storyline.

This marriage of compelling storytelling and the song’s captivating melodies and rhythms promises an immersive visual and auditory experience. With its blend of atmospheric music and a gripping narrative, “Cherry Blossom” seems poised to offer viewers a thrilling and visually stunning journey through a dystopian 80s-inspired world while echoing the song’s message of hope and resilience.

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