Big Sierra is getting “Wasted in the Sunshine”


“Wasted in Sunshine” evokes a certain kind of yearning for summer days from its listeners, which is exactly what Kristopher, performing under the name, “Big Sierra”, wanted.

As the second single from his upcoming album set to release on September 1st, Big Sierra has released a song that gets across the message of, “Sometimes you just gotta put everything down and go play”– especially in the outdoors.

The song commences with the sounds of wind rustling through leaves on a tree before jumping into a lighthearted, upbeat song about the joys of being able to spend long days outside during the summer. The chorus sings, “Dancing in the summertime / Wasted in the sunshine / Don’t this make you come alive?” The lyrics evoke a nostalgic summertime feel that makes listeners want to relive carefree and invigorating summer days.

Kristopher is one to take his own advice when it comes to enjoying his time in the outdoors. After renovating a camper van, he’s spending the summer driving down the California coast with his bandmates playing at venues along the way. “Wasted in the Sunshine”, along with the other songs on his EP were all written, recorded, and produced by Kristopher in the confines of his van.

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