Jake Huffman’s Latest Single “Body Talk” Oozes Sensuality and Sophistication


Jake Huffman is back with the third single from his upcoming EP. Younger. “Body Talk” is an infectious pop-rock anthem bursting with energy and an irresistible groove immediately as the track begins, setting the stage for the nearly 4 minute song. Knowing how to create tunes perfect for those live performances is something Jake says is the best part about this track.

In an interview with Music Fashion Blog, Huffman states, “this song just hits all the spots (and the spots between the spots). It’s 100% a fan favorite already, so I’m excited to get it out into the world.” 

The track is not only contemporary and nostalgic, but is paired with dynamic vocals that helps capture the listener’s attention, drawing them into the smooth verses. The lyrics allow for a captivating story of two individuals whose chemistry is so intense that words become unnecessary, while the chorus instantly gets stuck in your head with it’s seductive tune. Sleek and modern, “Body Talk” creates an atmosphere that oozes sensuality and sophistication throughout the entire track. It not only demands you pay attention to each note, but to lose yourself in Huffman’s vocals which are the heart and soul of the track.

This release not only showcases whats fans love most about Huffman, but is a must-listen to for fans of modern pop and R&B.

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