Yung Bae is “Too Cool to Feel This Lonely” on new single


It is shaping up to be a busy fall for Yung Bae, the “dance-pop maestro” who is known for his exhilarating, dancefloor-ready hits. Last month, he announced the highly anticipated album Groove Continental: Side B, which is already guaranteed to be a thrilling follow-up to last year’s Groove Continental: Side A. Featured singles Awesome Waysand Body Talkhave generated a buzz with their vibrant funk-pop sounds and guest collaborators, setting Yung Bae up for a solid release of the album on October 6. For the release, he will be in the middle of a fall tour around North America, which runs until November 11. Even though plans are overlapping and schedules are getting full, Yung Bae can at least find solace in the company around him. On his new release, “Too Cool to Feel This Lonely,” he teams up with a number of notable collaborators for a rousing funk and hip-hop masterpiece.

On “Too Cool to Feel This Lonely,” Yung Bae taps into the idea of overcoming immaturity, disrespect, and toxic tendencies of others in order to preserve his self-worth. He is just too cool to be dealing with all the drama and its resulting loneliness. The bright, electro-dance feel was co-created with multi-platinum music producer Diamond Pistols and genre-bending producer YOG$. For the verses, we are treated to the special talents of indie artist Felly and alt hip-hop artist Khary, both giving the track its punch. Overall, the single has a more modern flair to it than we have heard on Yung Bae’s previous singles, but it matches their energy just fine. You can check it out below.

About how the track came together, Yung Bae shares,

“This track is another one of my absolute favorites from the album. It feels like something you would play at a house party. It all started out with a sample that Felly and YOG$ went in on. After that, me and Diamond Pistols got our hands on it and flipped it into what it is now! Then Felly and Khary laid down vocals, and it felt so right.”

Diamond Pistols adds that “Too Cool to Feel This Lonely”

“started with Bae playing me the sample idea that ultimately became the backbone for the song. We had the idea to flip it into a four-on-the-floor housey beat, and the song was just an instrumental for a long time until Felly hopped on and made it what it is!”

Khary also explains,

“YOG$ reached out to me with this idea he worked on with Yung Bae. It honestly wasn’t my normal style of music, but I took it as a challenge. The phrase ‘I’m too cool to feel this lonely’ was the first thing that came to my mind, and it felt like something you could live by. The rest came easily.”

You can listen to “Too Cool to Feel This Lonely” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Pre-order Groove Continental: Side B before it drops on October 6 here.

Catch Yung Bae on his fall tour of North America here.

For the New York date of the tour on October 7 at Elsewhere, a “day and night takeover” will occur as Yung Bae will be holding the release party for Groove Continental: Side B. Support will include Eden Prince, Ty Sunderland, and Engelwood, and more. Performances from local drag queens will also take place. More information and tickets for the event can be found here.  

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