Braden Bales Releases An Apology To Heading Out On Tour in “EVERYTHING IS QUIET”


Sitting right at 500,000 subscribers online, Braden Bales has done it again with his latest single, “EVERYTHING IS QUIET,” released via Capitol Records. The track follows the success of his sophomore EP, CATALYST, and his previous hit “ASHED US OUT“. 

“EVERYTHING IS QUIET” is a relatable narrative that anyone who is juggling ambition and a relationship can relate to. The picture being painted of life on the road with lines like “You kiss me through the phone, I’m comin’ home, and seein’ you today” and “Been on the road, incredible, but miss you every day,” showcase first hand those feelings of pursuing dreams and his relationship at the same time.

Bales’ feelings shine through every note, especially when he sings, “I love you but I’m so torn, ’cause I’m leavin’, and breathing is something that you didn’t ask for.” A personal line that shows the internal conflict he feels.  Bales continues to prove why he’s a star on the rise with each song released.

Braden says about the track, “Ambition and love don’t mix well. I’m in my first long term relationship and I wrote this song as an apology before going on tour for over a month. It talks through the mixed feelings of trying to build a dream life while still wishing I was home and apologizing for being away. “EVERYTHING IS QUIET” is for anyone who’s pursuing a dream while trying to keep sight of what’s truly important.”

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