Scrimmage Put All Talents Forward with Psychedelic Indie Track: “Bluebird”


Brooklyn-based Indie Psychedelic band Scrimmage has released their newest single “Bluebird,” effortlessly blending elements of psych-pop and indie rock. Comprising of Connor Lewis, David Carter, and Carr Bonner, the three-piece band initially began as a fun experiment in 2020, mixing their diverse styles to explore a mutual interest in layered vocals, intricate melodies, and wide-panned choruses. The group became official in 2022 and has already achieved over 400,000 streams combined from their newest EP, “Superego.”

“Bluebird” delves into the theme of being too scared to leave one’s virtual world. Despite its short length, the track showcases various elements such as distorted guitars, punchy percussion, and layered ethereal vocals. The song relies more on its main melodies than its lyrics, resulting in a smooth and polished listening experience.

Scrimmage has demonstrated their best talents in “Bluebird,” showing great promise of future success. When speaking on the track, the band stated: “Sometimes we value what feels immediate and immersive over what’s real and perplexing… and ‘Bluebird’ is very much of both.” 

Check out the song below:

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