Zach Hood releases punk-pop hit “i ain’t rich girl”


American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zach Hood has returned with his newest single “i ain’t rich girl,” a short but sweet track about finding the importance of love in a relationship regardless of material items. Since establishing a presence on Tik Tok, Hood has brought forward plenty of hits like “Isabelle” and “Flashbacks,” and released his latest EP, BLOSSOM, on November 4th.

Interpolated and flipped from the Hall and Oates classic, “i ain’t rich girl” brings a fun and simple twist for newer generations to enjoy. The song starts out with Hood singing the classic hook from Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl,” layered over a gritty guitar riff. It then transitions into a hip-hop beat, with Hood expressing his love for a girl that has her eyes set elsewhere: “I could be your favourite summer phase/ If you could see it through Balenciaga shades.” The track plays out with a slowed-down, emotional bridge, finally ending with the catchy hook.

Although a short track, “i ain’t rich girl” is a very lively and easy-listening song that exemplifies some of Hood’s best talents. Before the song’s creation, Daryl Hall had actually turned down the Alabama native’s requests. But after several letters were sent explaining the track’s importance, the release was finally approved, even stating how Hood’s words “spoke to Daryl.” When discussing the song, Zach Hood said: “We love how our version can help bring some renewed attention to a classic song that our parents raised us around. That’s the fun of song flips: they connect different generations of music lovers.”

Listen to the song here:

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