I Prevail rock out at sold out Toronto show


On Wednesday, October 5th, American rock band I Prevail took to Toronto’s Rebel for their True Power tour. Their third studio album of the same name demonstrates many of the band’s talents with powerful lyrics and passionate performances, and Wednesday night was no different.

Before I Prevail took to the stage, Australian pop-punk band Yours Truly brought on an electrifying performance with songs mostly from their newest album is this what I look like? Next up was American metalcore band Fit for a King, bringing all the intensity, and exciting the crowd for the next band. Each opener brought their own flare to the rock genre, with the audience jumping and enjoying every minute.

The star openers of the night were longtime runners of the rock scene: Pierce The Veil. For their first time in Toronto in five years, Pierce The Veil gave their all even with a short setlist. The American rock band played many popular songs from their discography such as “Bulls In The Bronx,” “Caraphernelia,” and unmistakably ending with their current smash hit “King For A Day.” Many fans were thrilled to see the band, moshing, and passionately singing along to each song. Soon enough, it was time for the true stars of the night to take their place on stage.

The moment the crowd was all waiting for finally came, with I Prevail excitedly running out on stage, immediately performing “There’s Fear in Letting Go.” They continued into their set with songs off of their newest album, “Body Bag” and “Self-Desctruction.” I Prevail had also not had a show in Toronto for five years, but that didn’t stop them from encouraging the crowd to go harder than ever. Later in the night, before the the band sang their next song, one of the lead vocalists Eric Vanlerberghe hyped up the crowd saying “a sold-out show and you’re that quiet… I guess you’re just too polite up here in Canada.” The audience then sang, screamed and went crazier than ever to “Come And Get It,” an older song for dedicated fans. It’s no doubt that I Prevail put on an amazing show, successfully creating a energetic and dynamic atmosphere. With an action-packed setlist, a mutual love for hard rock, and a mosh pit with an enthusiastic crowd, Toronto fans were bound to have a night to remember.

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