Paramore brings head banging anthem with new song, “The News”


Paramore released “The News” from their upcoming album, This is Why, last Thursday, bringing an exceptional angsty rock track. The song feels like an ode to the classic Paramore sound, with Hayley Williams’ powerful vocals, boomy guitars, and hard-hitting percussion. Even after all this time, Paramore is still improving on their sound with every release.

“The News” is a song about being conflicted about constantly watching, and being aware of, the news. The track starts Williams listing her struggles with the news, paired with resonant vocals and the immediate punch of the guitars and drums. The song then moves to an airy transition building up to the bold chorus where the frontwoman sings:  “Every second, our collective heart breaks // All together, every single head shakes // Shut your eyes, but it won’t go away // Turn on, turn off the news.” 

The single is an outstanding track that demonstrates Paramore’s ability to infuse old and new sounds. When speaking about the song, Williams said “‘The News’ is one of those songs that came together pretty quickly and felt exciting from the start. It feels like a happy medium between classic Paramore angst and bringing in some influences we’ve always had but never exploited. Watching Zac track drums for this one was one of my favorite memories from the studio. Lyrically, it probably explains itself. The 24-hour news cycle is just impossible to comprehend. And I feel a pang of guilt when I unplug to protect my headspace. The common reaction, or non-reaction, seems to be dissociation. Not one of us is innocent of that and who could blame us?”

Listen to the new song below:

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