Oh Bummer! Releases Summer Track “Listen Up”


Singer-Songwriter, Oh Bummer! has just dropped his latest single, “Listen Up,” a laid-back and infectious summer track. Collaborating with seasoned producer, The KickDrums, known for his work with notable artists like 50 Cent and Kid Cudi, Oh Bummer! consistently delves into themes of humility and vulnerability in his work. The Los Angeles native describes his music as “songs for people who are trying their best made by someone who’s trying his best.”

Paired with a visually captivating music video, “Listen Up” begins with an old-timey recorded narrator describing a child’s struggles with fear. Then transitioning into a mellow rhythm, the track introduces Oh Bummer!’s smooth vocals that resonate through the verses and choruses. The song features horns by Kelly Pratt, which pairs nicely with the summer atmosphere of the track. Despite the casual feel of the song, “Listen up” contains a deeper meaning. 

Oh Bummer! describes “Listen Up” as “an empathetic take on what I know about my father. He was taken by brain cancer when I was five, and lost the ability to walk long before that. I have memories of him trying with all his might to get up out of his wheelchair and walk, only to hit the ground. He contained multitudes, and seemed to carry so much darkness and light in his heart. Even though he hurt people I love, I stand firm in the belief that love is what heals. This all relates to me and my younger self too – lost, angry, confused. Constantly falling and sinking deeper into that black hole. I needed love and support more than anything, but you can only receive those things if you let them in.”

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