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Recommended Tracks: “Sushi in Wyoming,” “Attractive,” “Knockin”
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It is very true that you can get to know someone really well through music alone, whether you’re trying to learn more about the person listening to the songs or the person creating them. With Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and producer Tim Atlas, his music reveals different parts of his personality, whether it’s his human side or his artist persona. He has previously stated, “With every project I put out, I try to show a little more of myself.” On his debut album, Enchanté, Tim is giving fans a reintroduction, as each song uncovers a new sound or further explores who he is as a person. In the end, he captures the excitement of meeting someone for the first time, leaving us to say, “Enchanté,” or “Nice to meet you,” by the time the final note of the album plays out.

Tim invites us in on the first portion of Enchanté, bringing us songs that pull us close and refuse to let go. On the title track, for instance, we are surrounded by overwhelming infatuation. The distinct bass grooves of the track help to construct a chill disco vibe, complete with Tim’s falsetto vocals. He sings, “I wanna occupy the real estate / And live in your eyes” and “Enchanté / Set my heart ablaze / No apologies,” these dreamy but mysterious lines making the song all the more engaging. There is more of a club-like feel on “Attractive,” which also plays along the lines of being drawn to someone. The vibrant bursts of sound during the choruses, along with a full band production, envelop the listener in fresh, beautiful colors. We truly feel the power of attraction, which is amped up on “Knockin.” Here, Tim dabbles in a variety of genres, from hip hop to alt-rock to R&B. It’s a thrashy yet silky track, electrified by the “Our synergy keeps it knockin” tagline.

Further on in the album, Tim taps into amorous feelings that are more in-depth. With “Stardust,” he takes a psychedelic approach and mixes in light funk beats and delicate piano riffs. With cooing vocals, he sings, “We could break the atmosphere in two / Me and you, locked in like the sun and the moon,” not wanting to escape the world he has created with this person. On “The Deceiving,” he shares that he is completely under someone’s spell, singing, “When I look at you, I’m blinded by the sun.” It’s tender and patient, much like Tim is with this person. He sings, “I really wanna know you, baby,” showing that his interest goes under the surface. He presents the joy of fully clicking with the right person on “Just a Baby,” giving us bright rhythms and a forward-moving energy that propels us into a glimmering night out. It almost doesn’t matter if the vocals are masked by the synth and electric guitar because this song is all about getting lost in the moment – we can ditch the lyrics and just get lost in the music, mirroring the idea of gliding through space and time with someone you love.

Aside from these monumental, exuberant feelings of infatuation and love, we also get tracks on Enchanté that turn inward. We try to escape the mundane on “Sushi in Wyoming,” a fast-paced track that captures what it is like to search for something more. Among the unsettled electric guitar flourishes, Tim sings, “Sushi in Wyoming / The worst place in the world for it,” the desperate need to break away leading to some questionable choices. There is also “Out Cold,” where Tim describes life after a breakup. The bittersweet piano in the beginning establishes a sense of vulnerability, even after the song fills out with more instrumentation and rhythms later on. Tim states, “Tell me what the sky looks like / When it’s not raining outside” and “Tell me what the sky looks like / When there’s no smoke in my eyes,” these thoughts channeling how empty he feels. This notion is further cemented when he reveals, “I just wanna run / But I’m already out of breath / I’m out cold, baby.” On the mellow “As They Seem,” Tim amplifies these feelings, trying make amends with where he thought he would be and where he actually is in life. We feel as if we are having a one-on-one moment with Tim, his subdued vocals adding to this concept. He sings almost as if we are not meant to hear, as if lines like, “Was it what you thought it would be?” were not meant to be answered.

When speaking about Enchanté, Tim explained that he wants people to feel inspired. He feels very comfortable in his skin, and he believes that this album is a perfect representation of who he is right now. He wants others to feel just as comfortable with themselves after hearing these songs. Sometimes you can find out more about yourself when you find out more about others, especially through music. With the stories he tells in these songs, there is much to learn. Tim puts himself on display from one song to the next and sets these lyrics to new and unique soundscapes that expand his artistry. After listening to Enchanté, we are beyond acquaintance status; our new friendship with Tim is just getting started.

You can listen to Enchanté on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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