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Making the world a brighter place with her music, rising Métis country artist Teigen Gayse has dazzled audiences over the years with uplifting anthems that encourage fans to embrace whatever life has to offer.  In 2021, Teigen released “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Anymore,” which touched on the idea of closing the door on love in order to prevent heartbreak.  The track was a huge hit, rising to #43 on the Billboard Country Music charts and amassing nearly 350k streams.  Her follow-up single “Blame The Wine” did just as well, making its way to #46 on the Billboard Country Music charts.  So far this year, Teigen has been busy maintaining such an impressive name for herself, especially as an independent artist, with her recent singles “Messed Up” and “I Don’t Need A Boy” resonating with fans both online through social media and offline through radio play and live performances.  We had the pleasure of catching up with Teigen during this exciting time, finding out more about her music, her inspirations, and why Nick Jonas may or may not have been the subject of one of her first songs.

Hi Teigen!  Thanks so much for taking the time to chat!  It’s an exciting time right now with the holidays coming up, your signing with Paquin and Steer, and the release of your single “I Don’t Need A Boy.”  How are you feeling overall?
Thank you for taking the time to catch up with me also!  It’s been an incredible year, and I really just feel extremely blessed to have such wonderful people as part of my team.  Having agents that believe in me drives me to work twice as hard.  I absolutely love my new team over at Steer, they are working hard for me.

Now that “I Don’t Need A Boy” has been out for a couple of weeks, has your relationship with the song changed in any way?
Not really, I’ve loved this song for such a long time.  I couldn’t wait to put it out!  When I play it live and see the audience enjoying it, I feel like I made a good decision going out with this song to radio.

Your music videos always enhance the stories you tell in your songs.  Can fans expect a video for “I Don’t Need A Boy” any time soon?
Absolutely you can!  In fact, it is out on November 10th.

This single follows the release of “Messed Up,” which you dropped in April.  They both have different vibes, “I Don’t Need A Boy” touching on independence and “Messed Up” touching on the butterflies you get when falling in love.  Are the two connected in any way?
I wanted to make the type of record that touches people.  That could be relatable but fun. These two particular songs come from very different places, but feel like a they could be a before and aftermath of a relationship.

Is it more fun to write about falling in love or not needing a man?
Honestly, I think it’s fun to sing about both!  Loving yourself or the person you’re with is equally important.  Being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  I absolutely love the thought of having fun with my friends with no concerns.

I read that you’ve been writing since you were 13, when you got your first guitar.  Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?
Omg yes, lol.  One of the first songs I wrote was called “in my dreams” and it was about Nick Jonas.  Another one was called “something about Cole.”  I still to this day love that song.

In the years since, you have also done co-writes with artists like Phil Barton and Patricia Conroy. What have you learned from writing with such artists, and what do you hope to offer in these sessions?
I have learned so much from everyone I’ve written with.  We all have different styles and things that we bring to the table.  You have to think fast and on your feet.  Always be prepared when you go into your writes, have ideas to bring to the table, and work well with others.

What are some songs or albums that have inspired you lately?
Lainey Wilson’s “Heart Like A Truck” has really inspired me lately.  She has worked so hard over the years mastering her craft.  Her songs touch your heart with not only her voice, but the stories she writes about are incredible.

Is a new album in the works for you?
You betcha, over half is done!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I’m in Nashville writing songs for the rest of the album.  Finished the next single with Chad Kroeger and Chris Baseford.  Hope to see you out on the road!

Thanks again for your time.  Do you have any final thoughts or comments?
Thank you for taking the time to catch up with me, and stay tuned on my social media because I’m always on there talking about what’s new and exciting coming up next!

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