Justine Blanchet releases music video for one of her favorite singles, “Heart Less”


Last month, country artist Justine Blanchet released the sweet and sassy “Heart Less.” Being the tenth single of Justine’s, its release marked a milestone moment for her, which called for the enlistment of proficient Grammy winners and nominees to give it a little something extra. Produced by Danick Dupelle and written by MacKenzie Porter, Emily Weisband, and Jordan Schmidt, “Heart Less” matched catchy country pop music with authentic lyrics to expertly convey the story of leading with your head in a relationship. Justine’s heartfelt vocals completed the track, bringing much value to lines like, “I knew better than to be with you” and “I should have listened to my heart less.”

To celebrate this release in style, Justine gives us its music video. In the video, we see Justine as she depicts the desires of both her head and her heart. The scenes of her in the elegant dress represent her emotional side, or the side that leads with the heart. The scenes of her in the glittery blazer, on the other hand, represent her rational side that leads with the head. You can check it out below.

About the video, Justine shares,

“I love the concept of this song because it has a strong message – when it comes to romance, use your head more and your heart less. For the video, I really wanted to tap into both elements of this. When I’m in a suit, that represents my head – the one that makes rational decisions and doesn’t recklessly fall for anyone. When I’m in a dress, it’s my heart – the more emotional, expressive, and vulnerable side of me. At its core, ‘Heart Less’ is about how your head has to be the one to take control and pull you out of a bad relationship.”

“Heart Less” has been described as Justine’s “personal favorite” from her upcoming EP, which will be released later this year. For now, you can listen to “Heart Less” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. However, starting on April 14, you can hear “Heart Less” on Canadian country radio.

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