Love is Brewing on Jack Jagger’s New Single, ‘Chemicals’


Feelings.  There are some that we love to experience, such as the feeling of excitement or accomplishment.  There are some that make us uneasy, such as guilt or embarrassment.  And then, there is the feeling of love – something that can sneak up on us and leave us a little baffled.

On Jack Jagger’s new single, “Chemicals,” Lani and Nick try to break down the enigma of love, tapping into its conflicting and overwhelming sensations.  About the track, the guys explain, “Lani came up with the concept and we kept it simple.  I think that’s where we wanted to go with it.  An emotional tune that lyrically connects you vocally with being vulnerable.  We’ve all been there and we can all relate to it.  In today’s day in age, we are so consumed by so many things that sometimes we just absolutely forget how to express affection anymore.  It’s forever evolving.”

The track is able to balance such vulnerability with the doughty classic rock vibes we heard on their last EP, Gold Digger.  As Lani sings, “I never thought I would feel something so real / I feel you on the inside, I’m reaching out / All the chemicals of love, I’ll learn to figure out,” Nick keeps the energy going on the drums with a commanding beat and engaging rhythms.  The overall production is seamless, and the guys had a fun time putting it together.  They reveal, “We worked with Peter Klett [of Candlebox] again with ‘Chemicals,’ and he really brought out a great tone and production for the band.  We really like how the track separates itself into three dynamics with glassy cleans, a punchy chorus, and a post-chorus that locks in our signature tone.”

The music video expands on the song’s general narrative of someone feeling strongly for someone else, but features an interesting twist.  Jack Jagger explain, “We didn’t want to hit it head-on like our last video, so we went the route that we did and we absolutely fell in love with it.”  They go on to mention, “Our original concept was supposed to be filmed in a setting with crowded rooms and then the pandemic hit, so we had to regroup and draw up another storyline.  We had to limit our sets to under six people, and by doing so, meant more work for us.”

In the end, it all worked out, and everyone had a great time.  Nick and Lani conclude, “Making music, playing dress up, and creating cinematic short films with your best friends is the absolute most gratifying experience.  It becomes more about the community rather than just the two of us.  We hope that one day, everyone will want to be featured in a Jack Jagger video,” and give special mentions to Spencer Bradham and Drake Sweet at Bison Films, along with their videographer, Alesha.  You can check it out below.

Jack Jagger also shared that “Chemicals” was one of three projects they were able to complete in quarantine, so there will definitely be more from them on the way!  In the meantime, you can listen to “Chemicals” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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