Love You Later wants to know if you will miss her on “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?”


When people pass away, there is a moment when you consider what this person truly meant to you, whether it be a friend, family member, partner, or major celebrity. You think about words that were never said, sentiments never expressed. At their wake, you may let out any lingering thoughts or questions, any declarations of love, finding closure in the process. It sucks to always voice these feelings in the aftermath, so Love You Later wants to know right now what the vibe will be after she’s gone on her new single, “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?”

Hitting us with another beyond-catchy indie pop track, Love You Later explores how she is perceived on “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” Containing positive-sounding melodies and infectious swells and hooks, the single mimics an upbeat track, but we know by now that Love You Later gives us more intensity in her lyrics. She sings, “I know you never say it straight to my face, so tell me are you gonna leave a kiss at my grave?” determined to find out where she sits in this other person’s priorities. You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” Love You Later reveals,

“I wrote ‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die?’ in the midst of a time where I was drowning in rejection from the music industry and in the real world. No one seemed to care or listen or take me seriously. I realized that the attention from these people was not worth my time or energy and ultimately did not define me. The song is a constant reminder to myself to regain my voice and power to tell my own story. The ones that are meant to notice will notice. Ultimately, it’s a song for anyone who feels insignificant and undermined.”

“Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” is the next single after “Girl With Headphones” from Love You Later’s upcoming EP, From the Window Seat, due out May 5. For now, you can check out the single on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Catch Love You Later on tour here.

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