Alexa Cappelli lets go of a friendship on “Lose Lose”


In August, rising singer-songwriter Alexa Cappelli released the emotional “Temporary,” which had her asking, “What’s love if it’s temporary?”  The heartfelt track was an extension of her propensity to create authentic and riveting music, its colorful sounds and textures fully immersing us in the story she tells through the lyrics.  With these qualities, it is no wonder MTV hailed her as a “voice of a generation.”  Switching up the vibe with her new release, “Lose Lose,” Alexa details her experience in cutting off ties with a close friend.

With “Lose Lose,” Alexa exposes the reasons behind this break.  Through expressive vocals, she sings, “When I invite you, you complain / When I don’t, you tell me off” and “Making me apologize for things you know that I never said / Won’t let me forget.”  Accompanied by a lively full band production, this alt-pop anthem reaches a high point when Alexa finally claims, “I can’t win, I can’t move, I just can’t, it’s a lose lose.”  You can listen below.

Telling us more about “Lose Lose,” Alexa shares,

“I wrote ‘Lose Lose’ while going through a friend breakup.  It helped me process and validate myself after consistently validating this person for years, only to still be blamed for their problems and sadness.  I hope my fans can find relief in it from any toxic relationships, as a marker to realize enough is enough.  Everyone is responsible for their own emotions and decisions, and friendships are meant to help build each other up, not tear down.”   

You can listen to “Lose Lose” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Catch Alexa opening for ANDI at The Moroccan Lounge in LA on November 15 here.

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