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Recommended Tracks: “All Over Again”, “Hooked”, “Slow Dance In The Morning”
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When it comes to living in the moment and taking chances, I go back to Hilary Duff’s 2003 jam “Why Not.”  It is a classic, with the line “If you lose the moment, you might lose a lot” holding up well today, nearly 20 years later.  While it is obvious that second chances and opportune moments don’t come by too often, it can still be difficult to determine when to act and when not to act.  However, Toronto R&B pop artist Jesse Gold uses his own method to decide, which we hear on his highly anticipated EP If Not Now.  Applying the “If not now, when?” concept to various forms of a relationship on this EP, Jesse encourages us to live in the moment as he figures out when to take things further or leave situations behind.

On If Not Now, Jesse walks us through the basic phases of a relationship.  The weightless feeling of falling for someone comes through on “Hooked,” where Jesse sings, “I wanna be more than just your friend,” the bright piano flourishes sweetening the moment.  There is also “Slow Dance In The Morning,” where Jesse realizes that the right person for him has always been in his life.  Over a moody and intimate production, he sings, “I don’t want just anybody / I can be myself when I’m with you” and “Slow dance in the morning / Drive fast through the night / I think my light has dimmed / But it stays bright by your side,” the love he has for this person being more than enough for him.  Even though we wish that a good kind of love like this can last forever, there are times when it fizzles, as we hear on “Go Go Gadget.”  Jesse knows that he needs to move on from a relationship, singing, “That girl’s not right for me / Still sliding way too deep,” wanting to make a move sooner than later.  The end of the love story rolls out on “All Over Again,” where Jesse sees an ex at one of his shows.  He sings through smooth vocals, “Tell me how you tryna get things started / When you dipped and left me broken-hearted,” appalled at the ex’s audacity to come out.

Most of the tracks on the EP have a warm and positive feel, which comes out on the remaining “Go Mode” and “Happy Lonely Boy.”  With “Go Mode,” Jesse tries to not to think about a past relationship by keeping busy.  The feel-good melodies add a lightness to the track, especially on lines like “If I don’t stop, then I won’t feel / If I don’t feel, then it won’t hurt,” helping us escape.  His soulful vocals shine as well, fully immersing us in a better place.  If Jesse had to pick any place to escape to, though, it would be anywhere he can be alone.  On “Happy Lonely Boy,” he gives us the ultimate introvert jam with lines like “Pullin’ up to my own party / Invitation just for one,” preferring to be by himself.  It is a fulfilling end to the EP, Jesse reminding us that he will be okay, whether he is in a relationship or flying solo.

Overall, If Not Now is a fresh blend of music that inspires a reset.  The sounds of the piano, the skittering beats, and the fluid vocals foster a relaxed atmosphere, where anyone can destress, recharge, and focus on what’s ahead.  Still, there is enough action in the lyrics that keep you living in the moment, wondering what situations Jesse will get into next.  While we may never know “why” or “when” events occur, Jesse confirms that it is best to trust yourself, keep asking questions, and follow through to the end.

You can listen to If Not Now on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Grab tickets for Jesse’s upcoming If Not Now release tour here.

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