joe p turns the ordinary into the extraordinary on ‘French Blonde’



Recommended Tracks:  “French Blonde”, “Kids In The Summer”, “All Day I Dream About”
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If life was like a movie, things would be less complicated.  Everyone would know what to say to each other, show up at all the right moments, and resolve conflicts through spectacular musical numbers or shocking monologues in front of the whole school.  When joe p started making music, he captured the essence of any classic coming-of-age film through descriptive lyrics, rousing choruses, and modest vocals.  With his latest EP, French Blonde, joe p continues to invite us into this cinematic world, setting his daily observations to music that is fit for dramatic climaxes, lonely solo shots, and nostalgic final scenes.

The EP begins with the ominous title track.  It sets itself apart from other tracks on the project with its speak-sing vocals and unassuming lyrics.  Over the minimal production, Joe sings, “It’s broken in pieces / But here comes another one / It’s staining your teeth but / We’ll buy you whiter ones / How perfect / So worth it.”  This “pessimistic optimist” attitude comes through again on the subsequent “Happy People,” where Joe envies the “happy people” around him while also determining that being so cheerful all the time is no way to live.  He then points out the way life has changed for him on “Kids In The Summer,” singing through rising and falling vocals, “We used to have a million ways to hide / Now all we do is run.”

After the “Emily Can’t Sing” interlude, Joe shows some confidence and affection.  On “All Day I Dream About,” he can’t take his mind off the girl who “feels exactly like the weather in December in New Jersey.”  We get the sense that she isn’t as interested in Joe, but he still reveals toward the end, “I never loved nobody else like I love you / I’ll never love nobody else like I love you.”  Joe starts to collect himself on the intimate “I’m On Fire,” which follows this bittersweet track, his confidence coming through in fuller, warmer vocals.  Closing the EP with “Color TV,” Joe retreats from the world and focuses on someone he wants in his life.  He reveals, “I’m upstairs in your room / And you’re downstairs dancing / I’ll just wait here for you,” the light production making this a safe space.

Overall, French Blonde is a cool and collected listen.  The abstract descriptions and anthemic choruses on most of these tracks set us up for captivating moments, the lyrics and music working together for maximum effect.  Joe also finds ways to make each track unique, whether incorporating more than one style on a track, as we hear on “All Day I Dream About,” or using a distorted guitar riff to channel his conflicting feelings on “Kids In The Summer.”  Joe makes us feel involved in something special on French Blonde, showing us that ordinary moments can be worthwhile.

Along with such a cinematic EP, Joe has dropped a trailer for his upcoming short film, If We Run.  Due for release on October 19, If We Run is a horror story, sure to rattle those who seek out such films during this time of year.  There are also three tracks from French Blonde that are featured in the film, giving fans a chance to see these songs in action.

You can listen to French Blonde on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Catch joe p on tour with Spacey Jane starting October 10 here.

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