Palaye Royale Release Topical New Single


The outspoken boys in Palaye Royale tend to find themselves in uncompromising situations.  For those familiar with their tour documentaries on YouTube, you have seen them get kicked off stage by security and have seen them get in arguments with random, aggressive strangers.  The brothers never seem to be the ones doing anything wrong, yet they get the blame.  After hearing their new single, it becomes clear that society is more so to blame than the band.

Palaye Royale’s newest single, “Massacre, The New American Dream,” is a disturbing look at the state of society.  It mentions racism and drug abuse, but most notably, it calls out the lack of gun control in this country.  They have released the following statement about the single:

“We are tired of seeing innocent people being gunned down so unbelievably often and still there is no change.  How many more innocent people have to die for change to happen?  Government and the news share no sort of resolve or actions of change for these problems​.  This is why we have chosen to donate proceeds from the single sales to Giffords and March For Our Lives who are on the front line, fighting to tackle the gun violence epidemic our nation currently faces.  We encourage our fans to take a look at the incredible work they do and either ​purchase the single, ​donate​ directly​ ​​or learn how to get involved at and”

You can check out the single below.


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