The Foxies scream in the face of toxic love in “I Don’t Wanna Want It”



Pop punk trio The Foxies tackle the effects of toxic love on their latest single, “I Don’t Wanna Want It”, a happy pop song with a twist. The track is the fourth single to be released off their upcoming debut album, Who Are You Now, Who Were You Then?, coming out on September 23rd. The band is gearing up to support Billy Idol on tour in Europe this fall, as well as preparing an album release show for October 28th in their hometown of Nashville.

“I Don’t Wanna Want It” is a cheerful track that disguises the struggles of a relationship that has turned self destructive, filled with witty metaphors that soften the harsh feelings of frustration. The sound is reminiscent of early 2000s pop punk, which gives it a nostalgic, yet modern, vibe. The contrast between the high energy sound and the aggressive lyrics makes for a cathartic release, while also being highly relatable. “I Don’t Wanna Want It” touches on the tug-o-war that can occur in relationships that are incompatible, and the catchy chorus feels like an outburst of emotion that gets stuck in your head immediately.

The band has a similar feeling when describing the track: “(…) I don’t know why this song came out so upbeat and driving for a lyric that’s such a bummer, but I’m glad it did. I think for Julia and me, writing this song was cathartic because we both were dealing with people we cared for deeply, but maybe didn’t show it back to us. It felt easier, and way more worth it to head bang and scream a little bit rather than actually calling up that toxic person and screaming at them.”

Check out The Foxies’ new single below:


“I Don’t Wanna Want It” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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