Sophie Powers is a force to be reckoned with on debut EP ‘Red In Revenge’


Recommended Tracks:  “Clearview”, “Breakup On The Weekend”, “Greed”
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When Toronto artist Sophie Powers released her debut single in 2021, there was no telling just how fast she would resonate with fans all around the world.  In only a year, the 17-year-old has teamed up with artists like NOAHFINNCE and Kellin Quinn, found her way onto playlists like SALT and It’s a Bop, and has received praise from American Songwriter, Alternative Press, and The Noise, to name a few.  When you listen to her music, it is clear why her songs are so captivating:  they are there to accompany your next move, whether you find yourself in a moment of total confidence or just need to be alone.  On her debut EP, Red In Revenge, Sophie breaks down more of these raw moments, sharing personal victories and emotional setbacks.

Sophie channels strength and positivity on half of Red In Revenge, acknowledging various instances when she relied on herself to make it through.  With “Clearview,” she focuses on leaving a bad situation, doing what she can to move on.  Along with NOAHFINNCE, Sophie sings, “Not one for the repeat, better let it go / You’re not gonna see me, tires hit the road / You’re gone in my rearview / Finally, got a clear view,” ready to take in the better surroundings.  The concept of moving forward is found again on the anthemic “Life Goes On!!” where Sophie reminds herself that a bad date is not the end of the world.  Her resilience goes up a few notches on tracks like “U Love It” and “Greed,” where she respectfully joins forces with $atori Zoom and DE’WAYNE.  She lets her ego take over on these songs, fully embracing who she is and taking what she deserves.

On the other half of the EP, Sophie preserves her mental health while tackling societal expectations.  We hear about the pressure to make a relationship work on “Breakup On The Weekend,” with Sophie singing, “Looking at the surface / They all think we’re perfect,” before admitting that she is just not compatible with this person.  She continues to challenge external pressures on “See Me!!” where she tries to figure out her true identity.  Giving us an infectious pop meets rock sound, Sophie sings, “They all say that I miss the old you / Like, okay, what you want me to do?” noting how difficult it is to maintain an image.  With the closing track “1 Thing,” Sophie looks inward and addresses the way her mind misinterprets situations, causing her to wonder who is really there for her.  Teaming up with Kellin Quinn, Sophie embraces the notion of someone sticking by her side, “not afraid to be the one thing in the middle of it all” when things get heavy.

Sophie mentioned that Red In Revenge is a representation of her coming to terms with getting older and accepting that the world was not as perfect or as accommodating as she once thought.  She was definitely in her feelings at the time of its creation, struggling to go after what she wanted and believing that she was doing her best to make her dreams come true.  We can feel this on the EP, from the angsty production of the tracks to the underlying need to do better in the lyrics.  In the end, Red In Revenge is a cathartic listen, and Sophie is a force to be reckoned with.

You can listen to Red In Revenge on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch Sophie on her Red In Revenge tour here.

Keep up with Sophie Powers:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube // Website

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