Sophie Powers doesn’t let a guy get her down on “Life Goes On!!”


Fans of any John Hughes movie have seen the awkward hangouts, unusual friendships, and cringe-worthy dates that define the teenage years.  There are so many things to learn as an adolescent – things that you never stop figuring out even after you get out of high school.  Toronto singer Sophie Powers knows all about it because she lives it every day.  At 16, the teen rocker has delivered a few tracks that capture the drama, the angst, and the tension that can be found in any Hughes film.  Her latest release “Life Goes On!!,” is no exception.

Combining high-energy instrumentals with sassy rock vocals, “Life Goes On!!” amplifies Sophie’s unique style.  She tells us all about a messed up situation involving a meet-up, a no-show, and another girl, but does not it drag her down.  Instead, Sophie gets up and gets loud, letting each guitar riff and cymbal crash echo her resilience.  You can watch Sophie move on in the accompanying music video below.

Giving us more details on the inspiration behind the track, Sophie shares,

I’ve experienced and seen first-hand how badly teenage romance can suck.  This song is a true experience of meeting up with a guy I liked for the first time.  I was so excited to meet up with him, but I got stood up and it was so embarrassing because I saw him a week later on the subway with another girl.  Talk about awkward.

This is Sophie’s third release this year, following debut track “Lonely Army” and collab track “1 Thing” with Kellin Quinn.

You can listen to “Life Goes On!!” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Sophie Powers:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // TikTok

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