GRAE leaves her past behind on debut album ‘Whiplash’


Recommended Tracks:  “Spinning”, “Soft”, “How Very Dare You”
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As far as rising names in alt-pop are concerned, GRAE is definitely up there.  After making her debut in 2019 with her New Girl EP, GRAE has continued to grow from being the new girl to being a familiar name in entertainment.  Her music has been featured on television shows like Nancy Drew and The Bold Type, has appeared on prominent playlists and music charts, and has acquired over 15 million streams to date.  Additionally, GRAE has a strong following on social media, with fans all around the world finding solace in her EPs and singles.  GRAE has come into her own at this point and is ready to fully welcome fans into her world through her debut album, Whiplash.

GRAE has always been one for expressing her life through her music, and on Whiplash, she does a lot of reflecting.  Throughout the album, we hear GRAE coming to terms with herself, acknowledging who she is today and the life lessons she has learned along the way.  The opening track, “Boxes,” finds GRAE moving on from the life she once had, telling herself that she’s “not that kid anymore” as she packs away old t-shirts and posters.  Even though she’s “still holding on a little too hard,” she knows that it is better to let go and move on, the lively indie rock production guiding her along.  The mood gets a little more intimate on the acoustic guitar-based “Like You,” where GRAE learns more about herself through the way she acts in a relationship.  Downheartedly, she sings, “How can I like you if I don’t even like myself?” realizing that she will not truly be content until she makes peace with herself.

Along with the reflecting she does on herself, there is the reflecting GRAE does on romance and new relationships.  On tracks like “Spinning” and “Outta This World,” she taps into that surreal feeling that occurs when getting into a relationship with someone you absolutely adore.  Additionally, GRAE notes the comfort and protection she feels when this other person is around, as we hear on “Grenade.”  On the soft rock track, she sings, “We’re staying up late, never leaving this bed / You’re keeping me safe, covers over my head,” knowing that if all goes wrong in the outside world, at least they will be fine together.  As much as she envies what she has, though, GRAE reveals that it took a lot of work to get to that point.  On “Don’t Know How to Girlfriend,” she explains that it is hard for her to accept her role in the relationship as she has been alone for “too long.”  Still, she will give into being vulnerable, as she does on the sweet and simple “Soft,” where she puts forth, “I know you make me so soft / So what, baby?”

Of course, with love comes heartbreak, and GRAE gives us a few tracks that explore the matter.  On the mellow and delicate “Forget You,” she tries to remember all of the bad parts of a past relationship instead of the good.  Trying to move on, she sings, “Why do we remember things / Better than they were? / Know it’s good to forget the bad shit / But I’m the worst.”  There is also the playful “How Very Dare You,” where she describes how irritating it is for someone who does not deserve you to try to win you back.  She makes it a point that this person never cared, singing, “We haven’t talked since I cried,” and mentions that this person even lost her address, making any attempt at reconciliation completely useless.

When speaking about Whiplash, GRAE shared it was “born during a time of confusion and indecisiveness.”  She was not sure how she felt about various people in her life at the time, if they were worth keeping or forgetting.  She also was not sure if her past was as great as she thought it was or if it was a little less.  Based on the material she gives us on Whiplash, we understand how conflicting it is when you search for meaning, trying to figure out if you are on the right path or need to divert.  Just the thought of it gives you whiplash, but as back and forth as she feels on the album, GRAE’s music and her vision are very clear.

You can listen to Whiplash on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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