jessa lets happiness come to her on “saying i’m fine”


While she has been coming into her own as a bonafide alt-R&B artist these past few years, jessa began her music career 22 years ago. When she was four, jessa wanted her grandfather to build a purple and blue stage for her to perform on, eager to perfect her showmanship. Now, jessa can perform hit songs like “TUFF” and “I Can’t Stop Crying” on stages that are already built and well-known, even if they are less colorful… Before she hits the stage again for her next show, jessa is releasing “saying i’m fine,” a relatable track that will definitely fit in well with any set she performs.

A mellow R&B track with spunky guitar riffs and ethereal organ tones, “saying i’m fine” documents jessa’s attempts at creating her own happiness. Soulfully and softly, she sings, “I could get better at being alone / Vow to give up staring down at my phone / I bet I would never even get sad / I could stop chasing what I never had.” It’s all about letting happiness come to you instead of waiting for it to appear. You can check it out below.

Telling us more about the inspiration behind “saying i’m fine,” jessa shares,

“When someone asks how you’re doing, why do we always feel obligated to say we’re fine, even if we’re struggling? I feel like I’ve been on autopilot for a long time; it’s a tactic I use to cope with having intrusive thoughts. Instead of searching for an external source of happiness, I’ve been trying to get better at finding happiness by being my most authentic self. I’ve been practicing intentionally with everything I do, which has allowed me to feel like I’m finally coming into myself on a personal level.”

You can listen to “saying i’m fine” on platforms like SoundCloud and Apple Music.

Keep up with jessa: Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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