Erick the Architect releases first remix of “Let It Go”


The events that unfolded in the now infamous year of 2020 were enough to drive anyone insane.  Everyone had their own way of getting through the chaos, and did their best to help others along the way.  A lot of artists out there, like Erick the Architect, found solace in creating new music, and were quick to release new songs that channeled how they were feeling.  One of the songs that Erick the Architect chose to release was “Let It Go.”

Having amassed more than 5 million streams on Spotify, “Let It Go” proved to be Erick’s most popular track.  Based on its relatable lyrics, mellow vibe, and easy-going beat, it is clear how the track became so successful.  Knowing how much the song connects to people all around the world, it makes sense to create a remix of the track, as is custom for any major release.  But, if people love the song and Erick loves to create, why stop at just one remix?  Why not go with, say, five?

For the next few weeks, Erick the Architect will be releasing one new remix of “Let It Go.”  Each remix will be featured on his Twitch channel, on Thursday nights / Friday mornings.  This week features a remix by RÜDE CÅT, who gives the track new verses, brighter accompaniment, and a vibrant feel.  You can check it out below.

Erick the Architect revealed, “’Let It Go’ is my biggest song to date!  I’m extremely honored to have such a talented crew of producers do their rendition of a song I love so much.  Each remix has its own unique identity that gives my song a new life!”

The release dates for these new renditions are as follows:
RÜDE CÅT remix – May 21st
Linden Jay “UKG remix” – May 28th
Khushi remix – June 4th
Powers Pleasant remix – June 11th
Baauer remix – June 18th

You can listen to “Let It Go (RÜDE CÅT remix)” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Erick the Architect:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website


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