Moon Vs Sun release title track from upcoming album


Last month, Moon Vs Sun gave us a sneak peek into their upcoming debut album, I’m Going to Break Your Heart, with the release of “Lowlight.”  The single’s raw lyrics and hopeful sound presented the struggle and the beauty that comprise Moon Vs Sun, aka Chantal and Raine, touching on revelations that the couple have had in their marriage.  Additionally, the track captured the duo’s creativity and musical expertise, reminding us how strong they are when they make music together.

With a little over two weeks left until I’m Going to Break Your Heart drops, Moon Vs Sun have followed up the release of “Lowlight” with the release of the album’s title track.  As one can guess from the title, the single is another crusher.  We hear about the occasional mishaps that occur in a loving relationship, such as lying, cheating, and stealing, only to learn that those are not incidents that doom the relationship.  The most heartbreaking act, in fact, is loss.

Having to live on without your soulmate is devastating, and imagining how it would feel when that day comes is agonizing.  Still, Chantal and Raine have found a way to keep this track from sinking into the abyss by adorning it with light melodies and delicate harmonies.  In the end, we get another strong glimpse into the theme of the album, and trust that it will be just as inspiring as it is tragic.  You can check it out below.

In addition to the album, Moon Vs Sun filmed a documentary detailing the album process – also called I’m Going to Break Your Heart.  Both projects are set to drop April 23.  You can pre-order them here.

Keep up with Moon Vs Sun:  Facebook // Twitter (Chantal) // Twitter (Raine) // Instagram // Website


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