Asha Imuno teams up with Rizz Capolatti for “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME?”


If you are one of the 552,000 monthly listeners of genre-defying artist and producer Asha Imuno, then you are already aware of how bright his flame is glowing. The LA-based creative is known for his impeccable ability to blend nostalgic hip-hop and R&B elements with refreshing funk and soul, turning out tracks with colorful melodies and thoughtful stories. His breakout single “ZIG ZAGGING” from last year is a true display of the “self-reflective art” he creates, as its intricate lyrics are beautifully painted over the buoyant sounds of West Coast funk that accompany them. It is now approaching almost 10 million Spotify streams, and his latest single, “PUSHING BUTTONS” is bound to catch up in no time. Released in June, “PUSHING BUTTONS” marked the next era for Asha, with Asha himself deeming it the “inception point” for his upcoming debut album, Pins & Needles. Making for a solid follow-up to the single, he is now dropping “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME?” with rising Atlanta artist Rizz Capolatti.

Lasting as long as a decent voicemail message, “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME?” is a brief but action-packed summertime track. Over the sounds of unassuming horns and rippling beats, Asha and Rizz tell us their sides of a night out. With smooth vocals and confident attitudes, they capture the celebratory spirit of that night and the good vibes that they acted on. The sassy “Did I call at a bad time?” question that comes up throughout the track implies that nobody was going to get in their way. You can check it out below.

About the track, Asha shares,

“This single captures me feeling confident and ready to pop out and celebrate. It’s about the feeling you get after seemingly getting to the other side of all the bullsh*t and finally being able to feel yourself and flex on it all. We was just having fun with this one…”

You can listen to “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME?” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Check out Asha’s cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “i” for the GRAMMYs Hip-Hop Re: Defined series here.

Keep up with Asha Imuno: Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // YouTube



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