Shobsy makes debut with hauntingly beautiful “Vanity”


With a voice that can “rival the enchanting beauty of Freddie Mercury and George Michael,” pop artist Shobsy is well on his way to becoming your next obsession.  His genre-defying sound and unique stage presence is quickly catching the ears and eyes of music lovers in Shobsy’s home country of Ireland, making him an essential artist to watch.  If his name sounds familiar, you may remember him from his time in State Lights when he served as lead vocalist for the rock quartet.  If not, you can get to know Shobsy and his effervescent style with his debut single “Vanity.”

On “Vanity,” Shobsy takes us back to the 80s with pulsing synth, classic melodies, and dreamy production.  His haunting vocals tie everything together, effortlessly using falsetto to bring the eerie lyrics to life.  Conveying the story of a modern-day tragedy, Shobsy sings, “In the mirror of my phone / I fell in love,” noting how society uses technology and social media to acquire self-worth.  You can check it out in the artistic video below.

Telling us more about this concept, Shobsy explains,

“Lyrically, the song deals head-on with the concept of vanity and self-obsession in an age where social media becomes an increasingly integral part of our lives.”

You can listen to “Vanity” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Shobsy:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Christine Sloman
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