Bontan Releases Fist-Pumping Dance Track “Big Khalifa”


Growing from humble beginnings as a resident DJ into one of the biggest selling acts on Beatport, English DJ Bontan has been cranking out tunes that are meant to be celebrated.  Over the past ten years, Bontan has secured himself a highly acclaimed spot in the underground scene, releasing a string of singles and EPs and ushering in support from artists such as Melé, MK, and Elliot Adamson.  Bontan aims to inspire anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the dance music scene and continues to do so through his elaborate tracks and hard-working spirit.  Giving us another one of his signature creations, Bontan is ready to turn the upcoming holiday season into a party with “Big Khalifa.”

On “Big Khalifa,” Bontan captures the energy of a big music festival and turns it into five minutes of danceable bliss.  The track contains huge swells of sound that come and go throughout, moving things along while maintaining the listener’s interest.  Its distinct Afro-house percussion and grinding bass just need to be heard at the highest possible volume, loud enough to get you up and moving.  You can listen to it below.

Giving us more about the track, Bontan mentions,

“With ‘Big Khalifa,’ I wanted to make a record that DJs across all genres would want to play in their sets and at any point.  It’s been so refreshing to see that happen with names right across the board playing it in festivals and also in dark basements.  As I was writing the track, everything seemed to just fall into place and I had finished it in one day which is extremely rare, but those are the ones that end up being special!”

You can listen to “Big Khalifa” on platforms like Apple Music, Beatport, and Spotify.

Keep up with Bontan:  Twitter // Facebook // Instagram


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