The Marías bring the CINEMA to the stage in San Diego


After releasing their debut album CINEMA last summer, The Marías were finally able to bring their dreamy debut album to the real world when they embarked on their CINEMA North American Headline Tour at the end of January. The tour started in Las Vegas and is currently making its way across the country before it ends with a hometown show at The Novo in Los Angeles, CA on March 13, 2022. (Check out the full list of shows and grab your tickets here:

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The second night of the CINEMA North American Headline Tour was a sold-out show at SOMA in San Diego, CA on January 27, 2022. The line wrapped around the building before doors opened, and those who filed into the venue early enough were treated to an energetic 30-minute set from Rosie Tucker, which included their single “Ambrosia.” They spent some time in between songs to tell stories and connect with the crowd. With just 3 minutes left in their allotted set time, they pushed through and ended with their quick and punchy song “For Sale: Ford Pinto.”

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The first half of the CINEMA North American Headline Tour gets to hear the sweet sounds of maye. San Diego could hardly contain their excitement for this opening act. Before the show started, you could walk past different groups of people and overhear snippets of conversations expressing how much fans were looking forward to hearing maye. The crowd loudly cheered her on when she came out with her band. maye’s casually confident command of the stage and crowd was undeniable. She definitely didn’t disappoint as she kept the crowd dancing and singing along to “Tú” and “My Love.” If you’ve yet to experience the magic of maye, check out her latest single “Descifrar” here.

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“And now it is my pleasure and privilege to introduce to you: The Marías.”

Seeing The Marías live in concert is a cinematic dream. For one night, you can be transported to the effortlessly enchanting world that María Zardoya and Josh Conway have created in CINEMA. There was nothing quite like hearing María’s smooth vocals filling a sold-out room and seeing her ethereal energy take over the stage in San Diego. Like a good movie, The Marías put together a captivating performance. The set list for the night contained a solid mix of the band’s discography, so there was something for everyone. Even fans of their beloved Britney Spears cover got to hear the band do their rendition of “…baby one more time.” It was easy to get lost in the dreamlike atmosphere of the show, but the crowd stayed engaged song after song and were left wanting more when the band walked off stage after performing “All I Really Want Is You.” Lights shining from the audience’s phones illuminated the stage as fans hoped and waited for the band’s return. After a dramatic flickering of red lights and loud cheers from the crowd, The Marías came back to close the night with an encore of “Hush” and “Cariño.” And just like that, it was time to break the reverie.

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Catch The Marías on their CINEMA North American Headline Tour through March or opening for Halsey on tour in the United States this summer, and listen to their delightful debut album CINEMA.

Connect with the artists —
The Marías: Website // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook
maye: Website // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook
Rosie Tucker: Website // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

Photos and words by Alana Noble // @alananoble


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