Heidrunna is ready to wipe the slate clean with “Erasing You”


Last year was an important one for Icelandic pop singer Heidrunna, who was busy introducing herself to the world through lavish, 80s-inspired pop music.  Each release was a nod to her extraordinary vocals and ability to create engaging tracks that are as catchy as they are poignant.  From the vibrant “You Make Me Feel” to the conflicting “Borderline,” we got a sense of who Heidrunna is as an artist, as well as what we should hear on her upcoming debut album Melodramatic.  Ready to make 2022 her year, Heidrunna is kicking things off with the album’s latest single “Erasing You.”

A rhythmic, forward-moving pop track, “Erasing You” deals with one of Heidrunna’s signature topics – relationships.  Over dramatic synth and an unwavering beat, Heidrunna details the back-and-forth that she constantly went through with someone she loved at the time.  She sings about having to pretend and explain things over and over again to this person, but nothing worked.  In the end, it seemed like cutting this person out of her life was the only way to set things right.

Expanding on the track, Heidrunna shares,

“I wrote ‘Erasing You’ while on a writing trip in Sweden.  Like a lot of my songs, it’s about commitment and phobia.  The pull and tug of relationships – does he love me or not!  The Groundhog Day and the emotions and tiredness of stopping and starting and deciding that maybe the only way to stop it is to erase everything about that person and never pick up the phone again.”

Heidrunna’s debut album Melodramatic is due for release in the spring.

For now, you can listen to “Erasing You” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with Heidrunna:  Twitter // Facebook // Instagram

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