Heidrunna is torn between holding on or letting go with “Borderline”


Nearly a month ago, Heidrunna stepped onto the scene with her debut single, “You Make Me Feel.”  The electric track showcased the Icelandic pop singer’s 80s-inspired sound, complete with dreamy vocals and opulent synth work.  Heidrunna openly channeled her feelings into the track, using the ethereal music to reflect the love she was experiencing at the time.  It seems as if the love is no more, though, as Heidrunna tells us on her poignant new single, “Borderline.”

On “Borderline,” Heidrunna finds herself contemplating whether or not to stay in a relationship.  Over rich synth and dancing rhythms, Heidrunna tells us about the up-and-down ride she is on with this other person, really making us feel her confusion.  While her voice is graceful and heartfelt, her words suggest otherwise, as she sings, “Every time you say you love me / I’m on a borderline” and “With all the promises you’ve broken / I’m on a borderline.”  It seems like she should find someone else, but Heidrunna also admits that “it’s hard enough to find love,” showing how daunting that kind of move would be.  You can check it out below.

Telling us that the inspiration for “Borderline” actually came from someone else’s situation, Heidrunna shares,

A friend of mine was going through a hard time in a relationship and didn’t know how to let go. ‘Borderline’ is about that feeling when you need to do the right thing and have a clean break, even though you know it’s fucked up and that’s the best option for you, but you just can’t see the wood from the trees.

Heidrunna’s debut album is due for release next year.  For now, you can listen to “Borderline” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Heidrunna:  Twitter // Facebook // Instagram


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