Yung Bae teams up with Cosmo’s Midnight for soothing “Straight Up Relaxin’”


With the end of the year fast approaching, many emotions are at play.  There are only a few weeks left to tend to any unfinished business, old or new.  There is also pressure to enjoy this time of year, as the holidays are a time to reflect and be around those you love.  It can be a little overwhelming to deal with all of the people, scenarios, and feelings, but Yung Bae and Cosmo’s Midnight are here to give you the perfect tune to help you get through the season.

On “Straight Up Relaxin’,” Yung Bae and Cosmo’s Midnight instill the carefree vibes of the summer.  The sunny chords, bright melodies, and hazy vocals take us back to a time when the weather was warmer and the possibilities were endless.  As we hear about putting obligations to the side and making time to connect with oneself, we are reminded that having some space is essential – no matter what the occasion.  You can check it out below.

Telling us about creating the track with Cosmo’s Midnight, Yung Bae explains,

“This track originally started out as just me and HONNE during lockdown and quickly became one of my favorites.  A few months ago, I sent over the demo to Cosmo’s and it was something they immediately connected with and started working on.  They sent something back in a day, and I was blown away.  Everything they added is what makes this track so special and so different.  We’re bringing you summer in December.”

Cosmo’s Midnight also mentions,

“We met Yung Bae years ago in Portland when we were on tour in America; he was a mutual friend we’d met through music and we all bonded over the love of disco and funk.  He hit us up out of the blue years later and asked if we wanted to help him on this track.  It was really up our alley sonically, so there was no friction when it came to writing to his demo.  We loved working on this track.  It’s so fresh, bright and bouncy – we hope you all love it!”

“Straight Up Relaxin’” is the fifth single from Yung Bae’s forthcoming album Groove Continental (Side A).  You can listen to the track on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Yung Bae:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Website

Keep up with Cosmo’s Midnight:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Website

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