Carlie Hanson is okay with a little “Snot” on her sweatshirt on new single


In May, Carlie Hanson began rolling out her upcoming album with the release of “Gucci Knife.” The alt-pop track explored the devastation that comes when someone you deeply care about betrays you, cutting into you like a knife.  These feelings were further described on the follow-up single “Off My Neck,” making for another raw, honest track from the artist.  Inching closer and closer to the release of her upcoming album, Carlie is back at it again with the album’s third single “Snot.”

On “Snot,” Carlie touches on a long-distance relationship she was having at the time and one of its most challenging aspects – the separation.  As Carlie reflects on final moments that had her girlfriend dropping her off at home before boarding a flight to Los Angeles, she sings about these sour parts of the relationship.  With the lyrics, “Love the taste of your toxic love” and “If I’m gonna waste my life / Let me waste my life on you,” we can tell that Carlie is emotionally invested and ready to put up a fight.

The music video gives us quite a surprise, as we see Carlie in an empty bathtub with a pair of shavers in hand.  Before we know it, she is shaving off her bleach-blonde locks, letting them dramatically fall in clumps around her.  Carlie then gets a tattoo of her mother’s name on her newly-shaven head, which her mom was “really pumped about.”  Telling us about the significance of the transformation, Carlie says,

“I feel like I’m doing my childhood self a favor.  There were so many moments throughout my life when people asked, ‘Are you a boy or are you a girl?’  Now I’m showing everyone that I can look however I want – no labels.” 

You can listen to “Snot” on Carlie’s upcoming album Tough Boy, due for release early next year.  The album will be her first full body of work since releasing her DestroyDestroyDestroyDestroy EP last year.  Containing 13 tracks that display Carlie’s full range of emotions, Tough Boy takes listeners on a journey and expands on Carlie’s goal of being seen as more than “just a girl who makes pop music.”

You can purchase tickets for Carlie’s upcoming show at Wisconsin’s Cavalier Theater here.

Keep up with Carlie Hanson:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // TikTok // Website


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