Lukas Graham releases heartfelt tune “Call My Name”


Lukas Graham is back with another song that will leave you feeling all the emotions, something Lukas is great at doing with his music. This song is a reminder to many to ask for help when you need it from those loved ones in your life. It’s a very relatable track because sometimes we all need someone to call our name, someone to talk to when things get rough, or just someone to be there for you. Even from the first line of the song you’re hooked. “It’s true you’re there for everybody else and you forget to think about yourself”. It’s so raw and authentic, which is Lukas superpower when it comes to his songs. Lukas is a true storyteller, he puts his all into his music and you really feel everything he is singing about deeply. It resonates with you.


About “Call My Name,” Lukas explains, “I wish more people had said that to me when I was younger. Call My Name. Cause sometimes that’s all that’s needed, just person to talk to, a hand to hold or someone who’ll simply listen. Call My Name is a reminder to everyone, but mostly to myself I guess, to ask for help and support when I need it. We all need a helping hand sometimes, but if we don’t let our loved ones know, how can they help?”


It’s a brilliant song that will have you thinking about those loved ones in your life that you want to check on and just talk to. They could need you and it doesn’t hurt to reach out. There’s such a beautiful message behind this song and it serves as a reminder to be there for the ones you love. Lukas keeps on giving us heartfelt and emotional songs and they will always have a special place. We can’t wait to hear more from Lukas in the future! Until then listen to his new heartfelt tune below!



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