Talkless shares moody anthem “Mind Games”



Talkless has revealed his new single “Mind Games” off of his upcoming project in the works and it is a fantastic one at that. The song is both cheery yet moody wrapped in acoustic guitars and Talkless’ smooth vocals along with Marwang helping out on the track,  a brilliant duo of people on one song. The track itself is about being in a toxic relationship and all of the feelings of despair and heartbreak that go through your mind. For more on the song Talkless wrote;

“The track is about being in a super toxic relationship, not being able to understand somebody so you constantly feel like you’re playing mind games,” shares Talkless. “Through this song, I want to encourage people to listen to their gut and follow their own intuition about people so they don’t end up feeling trapped in such a toxic situation.”

It’s a stellar song with lyrics and themes that many people can relate to. It’s what makes Talkless’ music so fantastic, the fact that he is not afraid to talk about subjects like mental health, heart break, and modern romance so openly. People who listen to his music can take the messages he’s putting out in his music and feel encouraged and inspired by it which is so important. Talkless is quickly rising to stardom and the future’s so bright for him, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Check out the impressive music video to “Mind Games”, which is inspired by psychological horror with black & white cinematic aesthetics that is eerily stunning as we see both artists go on a quiet mental spiral.  Directed by frequent collaborator Abraham Rasmussen (Lost Noize). 


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