EMANUELA shares new hyperpop song “Swallow Me”



Hyperpop queen Emanuela is back and better than ever with her newest release “Swallow Me” off of her new album Made in Heaven expected to be released in May of this year. Emanuela has always been passionate about music ever since she was a kid. She studied classical music and jazz at one point in her career but changed up her ways into the hyperpop realm, a style which seems to suit her.  Her diverse background allows her to make music with a very distinctive sound. Her music is like no other. She knows how to make a catchy beat and write lyrics that really make her stand out. Her debut single, “Final Fantasy,”  served as a stellar introduction to her music. Her follow-up EP, Pure was even better and really showcased her musical abilities further. 

Now Emanuela is set to kick off her new era of music with her new single “Swallow Me” , which is another brilliant track. The energy she puts into her music and this song in particular is unmated. From the start of the song she really knows how to hook you in and keep you listening. It’s full of catchy hooks and mesmerizing instrumentals. She worked on this song and her new album with her longtime producer Alon Renser, who knows exactly what she wants to convey with her music. Their work together is brilliant and surely the new album will be just as fantastic. 

The music video for “Swallow Me” was directed by Noam Vardi, who helped Emanuela capture the mood of this single release to absolute perfection with its mesmerizing pink shades. You can check it out below! 

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