WYATT finds himself on debut EP, ‘WY WAIT’


Recommended Tracks:  “In Another Life,” “hurt u this much,” “Me Against You”
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You may not have heard of the platinum-selling WYATT before, but you have definitely felt his wrath.  Over the past few years, WYATT has written and produced for some of the biggest names in music right now, such as Diplo, Trippie Redd, and Iann Dior.  As he started getting back in the groove of writing for himself, though, WYATT found a new enthusiasm for music, and was inspired to put out his own songs.

On his debut EP, WY WAIT, WYATT explores themes of self-acceptance and discovery.  The five tracks on the EP focus on the ways that relationships have shaped WYATT’s understanding of himself, as he evaluates actions he has made around others.  On “hurt u this much,” for instance, WYATT expresses the pain he has caused for someone he loves.  He sings, “I’ve been killing myself just trying to live” and “It ain’t hard to forget, but I’m hard to forgive,” all the while wondering how he will be able to keep the relationship afloat.  WYATT even admits that there are times when he does not really know what to make of himself, as he does on “Can’t Be Myself.”  But, as he affectionately sings about “second guessing every move” and “breaking every rule,” he accepts defeat, proud to be outdone.

There are times when the journey gets heavy, with WYATT reflecting on moments that got the better of him.  Whether he is wishing that things turned out differently on “In Another Life” or reliving past arguments on “Me Against You,” WYATT finds that there are some battles not worth fighting.  In the end, nobody ends up happy, and the consequences are way worse than the initial problem.

Musically, WY WAIT covers much ground in the alternative universe.  Most of the tracks are alt-pop and alt-rock driven, incorporating slick production, vibrant energy, and compelling melodies.  Each track contains something unique, from the compelling bass riff in “Everything Has Changed” to the downhearted acoustic vibes of “Me Against You.”  WYATT’s impassioned vocals tie the tracks together, however, and add character to the lyrics.  After listening to the EP, it is clear why WYATT is such a phenomenal artist, and why his music will never fail to impress.

In the end, WY WAIT is a small, but powerful, introduction to WYATT.  The songs do well to stay in their own lane, never being too experimental or too safe.  Fans are also able to connect to WYATT on an emotional level, as the tracks showcase his honesty and ability to tap into universal experiences.  There are certainly more stories for WYATT to tell, and if they end up sounding anything like they do on this EP, then he will be on everyone’s radar in no time.

You can listen to WY WAIT on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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