CHAII casts her fears aside with “OH NAH YEAH”


People are always going to have their opinions, no matter if you are wrong or right, succeeding or failing.  For rapper-producer-director-audio engineer, CHAII, the charade of having to please people gets exhausting, as she covers so many outlets.  Yet, she is not ever going to let others get the best of her, or have her fears get in her way, which is what her new single, “OH NAH YEAH,” is all about.

With the extraordinary talents of Party Favor, CHAII sets the mood for a moment of spontaneity.  Party Favor shares, “CHAII is insanely talented and has a really dope sound, and I really wanted to see how our worlds could collide.  She sent me this vocal and immediately I knew we could make something incredible.”  As you listen to the track’s perky beats, infectious melodies, and edgy motifs, you feel the spark and excitement that Party Favor describes.  The light and spunk of CHAII’s voice perfectly ties it all together, and dismisses any negative vibes.

About the single, CHAII explains, “I wrote ‘OH NAH YEAH’ about not letting fear rule my life.  I had a discussion with my dad one day and what he said really stuck with me.  He said don’t ever change your creative work and what you stand for because of fear.”  CHAII also mentioned, “I originally started from writing the lyrics about needing to hold your ground.  I often catch myself saying sorry for no reason or if I don’t make sense to someone.  There’s no need to have to default to an apology for not fitting in any box, being yourself and existing.”

Along with the track comes a multi-dimensional music video, showcasing CHAII in artsy, abstract scenes.  CHAII commands her surroundings, and brings her resilience to the forefront.  From the color schemes to the elaborate graphics, the video enhances the lyrics and the music, and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.  You can check it out below.

You can listen to “OH NAH YEAH” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with CHAII:  Instagram // Facebook // SoundCloud

Keep up with Party Favor:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // SoundCloud


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