Belle Mt. Release New Track ‘This Kind of Heavy’



London based band Belle Mt. are back with a new single in “This Kind of Heavy”.  Belle Mt. is fronted by songwriter/frontman Matt Belmont as well as Chris Burgess, and Ben Worsley. The band first burst into the music scene in 2017/2018 with the release of the debut EP Volume 1. It was shown so much support and appeared on New Music Friday Playlists around the world and garnered over 30 million streams. At the time the band was unsigned and self managed, until they gained recognition from some of the most prominent figures in the music industry. They went on tour in Europe with Grammy nominated KALEO and performed at SXSW as well. They were clearly already making a name for themselves.

The band had humble beginnings, Matt first conceived the project during a solo songwriting trip to a friend’s recently acquired renovation project, a dilapidated chateau in Southern France (Belle Mt. being both a play on Belmont’s surname and the French for ‘Beautiful Mountain’). The band has worked with Grammy-winning producer and now long term collaborator Femke (LV Music) and eventually to join forces with prolific manager Bruce Kalmick (Triple 8 Management). They recently released anew acoustic version of their critically acclaimed track “Hollow” which has taken on a whole new meaning. “Hollow” has taken on a life of its own since its independent release as “Hollow – Acoustic.”  On the track, an acoustic guitar accompanies a stirring solo vocal before subtle keys and minimal orchestration echo. What begins as a pensive melody slowly builds into a sweeping refrain carried by Matt’s emotionally powerful delivery. It’s a beautiful track that will leave you feeling emotional.

Flash forward to now and they are set to release their new single “This Kind of Heavy” which is another emotional one for sure.

“This song came at a dark time for me,” says Belmont, “after the loss of a friend had been dominating my thoughts for more than a year. I made other attempts to get my feelings out in song, but without ever feeling quite ready to live up to the gravity of the moment. I wanted a song that could help heal me, but in a way that would leave it open for interpretation by those who connected with it so they can apply it to their own life situation. It’s so cathartic to make something tangible out of the seeking you do in those times. ‘This Kind of Heavy’ was written in 2019, but honestly feels like the most 2020 song possible. Unapologetically heavy.”  Belle Mt. are a brilliant band and are only going up from here on out, and we can’t wait to hear more from them!

Listen to the new single here!


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