Madeline The Person releases personal song ‘As a Child’



Rising superstar artist Madeline The Person has released a very personal song “As a Child” and its a stellar one. Madeline is a new artist who just signed to Warner Records, and she has so much potential in the music industry. She is already a shining star in many people’s eyes including Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Olivia Rodrigo. She has such an angelic voice that can’t be matched. She is her own person and is always her authentic self. The Houston, Texas native, who has spent the last year building a significant following on TikTok through her soulful covers of everyone from Frank Ocean, Phoebe Bridgers, and Harry Styles. Now she is rising up at only 19 and releasing her very own personal music.  

From making her own clothes and jewelry and dying her hair a spectrum of colors to directing short films and painting, Madeline the Person has found a litany of ways to show that there are no limits to expressing yourself. She explains: “The difference in the way that I express my personality versus my music, I think that has to do with my belief in the fact that all emotions are equally important. With my music, I’m trying to normalize the sad and hard and really gross stuff and make it more acceptable and less scary, because to me, as a person, I am all of those things combined. I’m super sad and also really happy and joyful and grateful. I have a lot of emotions and I don’t like to boil it down to just a few. I like to show lots of facets at a time and sometimes, that creates a juxtaposition that I think makes it kind of cool.”

While music was at the forefront of Madeline’s upbringing, learning piano at the tender age of four & guitar shortly after, it was the loss of her father a few years ago that pushed her to write without holding back, to feel every feeling. “As a Child” is a super personal song about losing her father at a young age, and her dealing with her emotions. Its a beautifully heartfelt song that will leave you feeling emotional. Her lush vocals really shine through on the track.

Following her debut with “As a Child,” Madeline the Person will guide us through her human experience in a series of musical chapters disguised as EPs set to release through 2021, the first of which will arrive next month.  It’s page one in the story of Madeline the Person, who already shines as bright as the future that lies ahead.


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