The immense heat and tightly packed field was no match for the high energy and talent that graced the Peachtree stage of Shaky Knees on the fifth of May. The UK band, The Foals, has been in the business of making fantastic alternative rock for over ten years, and frontman, lead singer, and guitarist, Yannis Philippakis, exuded that same smooth confidence and passion he is renowned for since the beginning of his career. The crowd danced, jumped, clapped, and moshed with great energy for the entire hour the Foals performed.









The Foals entranced the massive crowd for the first song, “On The Luna”.  This track is from their brand new album that was released on March 8, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part One.

The excitement didn’t stop at just the band’s new track. Foals dug deep into the archive from their first album, Antidotes, to retrieve “Olympic Airwaves“, a time-honored indie track.  They covered all their bases with tracks like “Spanish Sahara“, “Mountain At My Gates“, and “My Number“. This was their last stop on their tour in North America; however, they will be continuing their world tour until the end of August.

One thing is for sure, The Foals did not disappoint. I was blown away by the quality and stage presence. This is one band I can cross off my bucket list. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for part two of Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost coming later this year, and follow them on:

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