Recommended Tracks: Tempo, Ooh La La La, Gravity, 24/7, and Oasis

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Their long-awaited comeback has arrived, and the vocal kings are back at it again. EXO exploded the charts with their new album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.  This album perfectly showcases the group’s true sound.

Starting off with the title track, “Tempo”, Exo delivers an upbeat and high energy explosion. The track is full of funky and jazzy beats. Most of the song is rap centered; this gives Sehun and Chanyeol a fantastic opportunity to provide a great flow and vibe through to the chorus. Then the group does it. They switch up the tempo, and they go a cappella. That’s right. I said a cappella. The harmonizing is mind-blowing. I am positively thrilled that “Tempo” is setting the tone for the remainder of the album.

Moving a little further down the track list, we find “Ooh La La La”. I am just going to drop a link to their dance practice right …here. You are welcome.  This may be my favorite track of the album.  This is very Exo with smooth and sexy vibes.  Both duets are perfectly paired. Chanyeol and Chen complement each other beautifully. The Sehun and Suho pairing was a wonderful surprise; that was much appreciated; also, someone decided to give Sehun more than 5 seconds of air time. I think we can all agree this is shocking. This song reminds me of “Thunder” and “Going Crazy.”

The rest of the tracks are just as enjoyable. With its spacey instrumentals, “Gravity” reminds me of a serious version of “Power.” “24/7” takes things in a slower and more intimate direction.  “Damages” transitions back and forth between a hype song and an anthem in a good way. “Smile On My Face” is a soft and gentle ballad. Finally, the biggest rival to “Ooh La La La” for top song is “Oasis”. Once again Exo delivers their signature sex appeal through sensual beats and ethereal vocals. The chorus isn’t complex; however, it beautifully simple with its serious lyrics.

This album has been a show stopper. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo is my first Exo comeback, and I don’t think I could have asked for more. I have been an EXO-L for awhile, but this is another level. What a way to end 2018.

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  1. Great review of a great album! I became an EXOL during this comeback. I was blown away by the group and their vocals. This album is in serious contention for All Time Greatest EXOL album.


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