Earlier this year VIXX dropped their new album, Eau de VIXX, and I am shook. If you are unfamiliar with VIXX, let me help you catch up. The dynamic group is composed of Leo, Ken, N, Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk. They first debuted in 2012 under Jellyfish Entertainment. VIXX’s last studio album was Chained Up (in 2015), this does not include their Japanese released album, Depend On Me (in early 2016), Conception (in late 2016), or their many singles and EPs.

The group has since been on a constant mission of improvement. When VIXX released their fourth mini album with “Shangri-La” as the title track, I fell in love! I cannot even explain my gratitude for whoever decided to also release the instrumental version on the same album.

I thought I was in heaven. That was until Eau de Vixx came out this April. I can say one thing for sure, VIXX’s ability to immediately grab their audience with the very first track is unmatched. “Scentist” is everything I didn’t think VIXX could do again after “Shangri-La”. I completely underestimated the groups’ ability to grow. “Scentist” is undeniably sexy from start to finish. Ravi’s flow in this track reminds me RM, Namjoon, from BTS. Leo simply kills it; however, it is impossible to not mention Ken. That’s it. I just needed to mention his name. I might have a new bias.


I like that even though “Shangri-La” was already released elsewhere they added it to this album. The balance of this album is really impressive. There are tracks that give more of a dance vibe like “Trigger” and “Silence”; however, there is also “Good Day” which is more Pop than the rest of the tracks. “Navy & Shining Gold” has a funky, good-time feel.

I highly recommend everyone be on the lookout for this group. They are going to do great things!
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