Album Review: BTS’ ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’


Megastars BTS are back with their latest release ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona,’ which features contributions from Halsey and Ed Sheeran.

There’s no stopping the living legends that are known as BTS. With several fans across the globe, and a sold out Stadium tour, BTS has truly become the most popular boy group in the world. Last year the 7 member group landed two number one spots on the Billboard 200, and will most likely land another number one later this month with their newest release, Map Of The Soul: Persona.

The album dropped at 5am Eastern time on April 12th with 3 million pre-orders globally. As ARMY, the BTS fanbase, and new fans stream the album to major success and await the boy’s SNL debut, let’s take a look into the newest release.

Intro: Persona

BTS’ leader, RM, shines through as he takes on the intro song. With an impressive flow and constantly switching from Korean and English, RM questions his identity as he raps “Who the hell am I?” Feeling like a modernized hip-hop track from the 90’s, RM will leave you nodding along as he shows his full potential.

Boy With Luv ft Halsey

Boy With Luv is truly the pre-summer single that is for sure to be added to several playlists! With a catchy chorus sung by Halsey, there is no denying that this song will be a hit. It’s very clear that the song strives to be radio friendly through the use of its autotune and addicting “oh’s.” As Halsey’s vocals blend beautifully with the members, the bubbly, upbeat collaboration was definitely the right choice.


Unlike the previous song, Mikrokosmos allows the listener to gain a better understanding of the group’s vocals. Despite being a mid-tempo song, you will still be able to jam along as the boys sing “na na na.”

Make It Right

After several months of speculation of a potential collab with Ed Sheeran, it was announced the day before that Ed helped co-write this suave track. Revealing a more matured Pop/R&B side, the members display a newer direction they could potentially strive for in the near future. With a sexy, but sophisticated vibe the boys’ falsettos will leave you begging for more.


Dedicated to the fan base, the boys steal ARMY’s hearts with this R&B/Hip-Hop track. With great production and a catchy chorus, you will be singing “mi casa” instantly. Displaying wonderful vocals, and the rap line taking this song to another level there is no denying that this will be a fave for several.

Jamais Vu

The ballad song of the album: Jin, Jungkook, and J-Hope take on this song as a subunit. Jin and Jungkook showcase their beautiful vocals, while J-hope showcases his rap skills. Seeking a remedy that will make their heart beat again, the listener is able to an emotional side of BTS.


A straight up hip-hop song that will leave you feeling like a rap star. Aided with heavy drums and screams, the final track is a true banger. If anything, this will be the song that will make you want to see a live rendition of it. One can only imagine how Dionysus will be performed, but it will for sure be filled with crazy light and pyro effects.


Despite being a 7 album track, BTS displays that they can tackle any sound that they set their minds to. With amazing production and more of a mature sound, it is clear that BTS is not leaving the spotlight anytime soon. Truly a great piece of work that flows nicely from start to finish.

Have you had a chance to check out the new album? If not, hear it down below through Apple Music. Let us know your thoughts on BTS’ newest release down below!

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