Rotoglow Makes a Triumphant Return with Their Powerful New Single “We Are Today,” Ushering in an Exciting New Chapter


Rotoglow, the loud and melodic rock ‘n’ roll band formed in Fairfax, Virginia in 2000, continues to make waves in the music scene. The band, composed of Conrado Bokoles, Dave Cannon, Andrew Hellier, and John Kenney, initially garnered attention with their relentless touring schedule from 2000 to 2006. During these years, they headlined clubs along the East Coast, graced the stages of the 2001 Warped Tour, supported OutKast on the “Stankonia” tour, and performed at Baltimore’s WHFStival at RFK Stadium. Their robust live performances earned them opportunities to open for prominent bands such as Everclear, Cracker, Lit, and Sponge.


The release of their first EP, “Rotoglow,” in 2000, catapulted the band to the forefront of Washington DC’s rock scene. Their critical acclaim continued with the 2003 release of their full-length album, “Life Like A Lightswitch,” which featured tracks produced by David Ivory, known for his work with The Roots, Halestorm, Erykah Badu, and Patti LaBelle. This album solidified Rotoglow’s reputation for delivering powerful melodies coupled with raw, emotive energy.

Lead singer, Andrew Hellier shares:

“My wife and I had lived parallel lives before meeting each other.  We were both married twice, both married someone from another country, and both were dealing with the wreckage that was left behind.  “We Are Today” was my way of letting her know that “This is what we have been looking for and what we deserve.”

After a significant hiatus, Rotoglow has returned to the studio, bringing back their signature searing guitars, thunderous drums, and soaring vocals. Today marks the release of their new single, “We Are Today,” a track that encapsulates the band’s evolution and enduring spirit.

“We Are Today” is not just a single; it’s a statement of resilience and a reflection of the current times. The song takes listeners on a journey through today’s world, blending uplifting themes with authentic rock energy. The band’s ability to craft songs that resonate with both personal and universal themes is showcased in this new release, demonstrating their growth and maturity as artists.

The single captures the essence of Rotoglow’s sound—powerful, emotive, and timeless. With its compelling lyrics and dynamic instrumentation, “We Are Today” is poised to become a new anthem for fans both old and new. It’s a testament to the band’s ability to stay relevant while staying true to their roots.

Rotoglow’s return with “We Are Today” signals not just a comeback, but a revitalization of their musical journey. As they continue to push boundaries and explore new musical landscapes, this single serves as a reminder of why they have remained a beloved fixture in the rock community. Fans can look forward to more from Rotoglow as they continue to create music that resonates deeply and stands the test of time.

With “We Are Today,” Rotoglow reaffirms their place in the rock world, delivering a single that is both a powerful reflection of contemporary life and a testament to their enduring artistry. This track showcases their ability to blend poignant lyrics with high-energy rock elements, creating a sound that is as fresh as it is familiar. As they prepare for more releases and future tours, Rotoglow’s resurgence is a thrilling development for longtime fans and newcomers alike. “We Are Today” is not just a song—it’s a bold declaration that Rotoglow is back, stronger and more inspired than ever. This release sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in their storied career.

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