Dynamic Jason Vitelli Breaks Boundaries with Album Release “1. Ambient Corridors”.


Jason Vitelli’s new album release, “1. Ambient Corridors” represents a significant and bold departure from his previous work.

This album showcases Vitelli’s piano virtuosity and knack for crafting deeply emotive melodies. 

“1. Ambient Corridors” marks the beginning of Vitelli’s exploration into instrumental releases, a departure from his singer-songwriting roots. Viewing this venture as an opportunity to reveal another dimension of his artistic identity, Vitelli embraces the subtleties of instrumental music, recognizing its capacity for conveying messages without explicit verbal expression and its openness to diverse interpretations. 

Vitelli shares: 

“Songwriting can originate from a place of inner angst and psychological struggle, so it may naturally have a linear narrative. This aspect may leave less for the listener to interpret. Meanwhile, the abstraction posed by instrumentals can allow more space for the brain to breathe. In any case, this music reflects upon who I am at the moment of creation. Who knows, I may become someone entirely different at the end of the day.”

While his electronic palette from the “turn of the century” era may have been more restrained in comparison to some of the software libraries available now, Vitelli’s musical skills and talents together with original sampling, and sound design, are intricately honed in this album. 

Throughout 12 tracks, a diverse ensemble of acoustic instruments from cello, viola, piano, electric guitar, and various woodwinds, come together with Jason’s electronic manipulation of found objects. 

Stand-out tracks include “Exit Love Story”, a synthesized jazz trio that shares its title with an indie film of the same name. Originally composed for film, this track is about the cyclical nature of love, and the promise of new beginnings that it brings with its sweet piano melodies, double bass, and drums. “Night Falls” begins with a four-on-the-floor disco beat, a resonant low tom, and beautifully cascading vibraphone scales. This “chillwave” with downtempo electronica elements both captivates and breaks new ground. 

Jason Vitelli’s music career has been a diverse one, encompassing performances at esteemed listening venues in New York City, collaborations as a sideman with jazz ensembles, and even busking in the subway. From these varied experiences is a musician with an array of influences and a penchant for exploration.


His artistic journey began with his debut album, “No Photographs,” followed by the thoughtfully curated collection, “Confluence.” However, it was the release of his third album, “Head Above Tide,” that truly garnered widespread acclaim. Described by the Nashville Music Guide as a “musical phenomenon,” it marked a pivotal moment in Vitelli’s career, bringing new creative possibilities to the fore. 

Now, with his latest project, “1. Ambient Corridors” Vitelli embarks on a fresh chapter.

This album serves as the inaugural instalment in a series of instrumental releases envisioned by the artist—a departure from his singer-songwriter endeavors, yet a natural progression in his artistic exploration. As he succinctly states, “I plan to release more songs, but this is another facet of myself I’m revealing—the ability to convey a message without words.

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Listen to “1. Ambient Corridors” on Spotify. 



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