Jack Antonoff & Bleachers’ new bonus track “Backwards Heart” is a relatable gem



Bleachers, the indie pop act led by the multi-talented Jack Antonoff, has added a poignant bonus track called “Backwards Heart” to their latest album released under Dirty Hit. Known for their anthemic soundscapes and introspective lyrics, Bleachers delivers a track that is both deeply vulnerable and universally relatable.

“Backwards Heart” opens with reflections on the younger generation, setting a tone of resilience and transformation. The chorus, “Cause I got a backwards heart and I’m tough to be sold… But I’ma turn it around and I just want you to know,” highlights his struggle and hope for growth. The second verse promises a stronger future self: “The next phase of me, I’m gonna be one tough seed.”

The bridge and outro delve into inner battles and past choices that shaped him. The song is both sad and uplifting at the same time, portraying a twisted reality that hints at eventual positivity.

“Backwards Heart” exemplifies Antonoff’s ability to turn personal experiences into relatable anthems, hinting at Bleachers’ evolving emotional landscapes. This track, with its emotional depth and hopeful undertones, serves as a testament to Antonoff’s unique storytelling ability through music.

Beyond the music, Antonoff’s engagement with fans stands out. Six years ago, he actively participated in Reddit discussions, taking setlist recommendations, and discussing song meanings, showing his commitment to genuine fan connections.

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Joshua Madsen
Joshua Madsen
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